Responsible Betting

  1. We are firmly committed to Responsible Betting and while we endeavour to give our customers an enjoyable betting experience, we are cognisant that irresponsible betting can pose problems to some individuals. We fully support responsible betting among our Customers as we are committed to promoting the awareness of the problems associated with betting and facilitating prevention, intervention and treatment.
  2. We strongly recommend to our Customers to keep to the following guidelines:
    1. Separate betting from your daily activities.
    2. Establish affordable deposit or stake limits.
    3. Take some time to break from betting.
    4. Do not bet when you are distressed or depressed.
    5. Strictly regulate your alcohol consumption whenever you are betting.
    6. Do not bet using borrowed money, or money set aside for daily necessities.
    7. Betting should not be an alternative source of income.
  3. You may request our Customer Service at any time for temporary or permanent self-exclusion from part or all of our Service or the closure of your account. We will use all our reasonable endeavours to ensure compliance with self-exclusion.
  4. Although Shabiki will use its reasonable endeavours to enforce its responsible gaming policies, Shabiki does not accept any responsibility or liability if you nevertheless continue gaming or if you seek to use our website with the intention of deliberately avoiding the relevant measures inplace.
  5. This Policy is supplemental to the General Terms and Conditions.